In order to get the most strike for your buck, it is vital to know all as much as potential about your customers’ demographics, and inclinations. Recklessly sending out advertisements and promotions to all prospects and customers is expensive and ineffective.

More than 65 % of organizations have half-finished databases, and appending your data is the most cost-effective way to determine new prospects and learn more about existing customers’ requirements.

Database quality decides the success of your campaign. An appended database enables you to reach prospective customers at the right time. STAT BI, data appending is opted-in and permission based to help increase your campaign success.

Huge database is like out-dated software, minimum results. Go beyond size and consider quality, accuracy, relevancy, exchange and overall strength of data; if you want your database to work for you!

STAT BI Corp Appending Solutions help with:
Improve customer service and retention
Enable multi-channel marketing
Increase revenues with better email reach
Cut direct mailing costs
Connect with customers aptly, online and offline
Decrease data management costs by maintaining quality
Improve accuracy, exchange, relevancy and overall value of data
Increase campaign response rates

Our data Append services can help you in appending any missing information, like email, phone, direct mailing address, website address, International location, SIC Code, Social Media Links and titles.

Don’t kill your database! Keep it appropriate and keep it ethical! Find out how STAT BI Team can help expand database quality, connect with our experts @ (866)993-9191  for a free one-on-one consultation. Email us at for free append test.

Connect with our experts @ (866)993-9191 for a free one-on-one consultation.