Looking for large database with exact information?

We license In-house ready files for businesses, or other segments of our database on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. Data quality reduction is a frequent problem in the industry and our licensing services ensure that you will have valid information to conduct marketing campaigns and achieve the ROI you seek. You can be rest assured about that since we run our master-database through numerous updates.

Are your marketers frequently struggling to secure and own approved database?

STAT BI provides value addition to businesses by providing safe access to the database. By this method, marketers can find a way to reduce cost involved in data acquisition and retention.

Licensee services typically include:

B2B Mailing lists, Databases, Dedicated market research, Email campaigns and Tele-verification.

Benefits of Data Licensing

# Flexible database management options
# Simple process to renew or upgrade the license
# Trustworthy database as a result of constant updates
# Reach out to customers on a large scale through data acquisition option.

We do all the slog, and you can benefit from a well-paid revenue stream at no cost and no risk to you.

This is a comprehensive outline of our process. However, we follow a process to ensure that the data is filtered through all the road blocks, current and forecasted.

To know more about data licensing solutions, write to us