Is the goal to drive traffic to the key website in a method similar to paid search or SEO? Is the goal to build awareness of your products? Or is the goal something else entirely?

STAT BI Content syndication solutionhelp Businesses in pushing blog, site, or Whitepaper, video content out into third-party sites, either as a full article, snippet, thumbnail or link.

We follow a modest process, and work on your provided criteria like (topography, company size, industry, or even technical criteria such as type of software). Based on your criteria, we research on our 3,000 B2B media partners and negotiate a package of content postings and other promotions.

We’ll manage every aspect of the campaign — vendor negotiation, writing abstracts, content placement, verify and validate lead data, and then deliver the leads to you.

If you have a media budget, contact STAT BI today to receive a free cost estimate or discuss your content syndication needs in more detail. Reach us for more information or call us at (866)993-9191

Whitepaper Syndication

Are you ready with the Content or Whitepaper? Our specialist professionals are ideal for IT B2B marketers to promote white papers. Our customers hire us because they simply cannot access the same level of functionality on social platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook.

Access to whitepapers and business press is the utmost helpful at this time in the purchasing cycle. According to industry studies, more than 90% of technology buyers consult a white paper or case study before contacting a vendor regarding a purchase.

Whether your audience is Technology users, IT decision makers, marketers, engineers or C-Suite we have the Team and white paper syndication solution for you. STAT BI serve global, so geographic reach is never a problem. Most prominently, we provide all of ourwhite paper promotion services on a pay-per-lead basis, so you can be guaranteed results and ROI.

Why STAT BI for Whitepaper Syndication?

From the start, till the end, everything is done In-House
Quality Analyst team verified leads and Reporting is provided for each lead
We execute survey campaigns for targeted audience and based on survey, we deliver the Whitepaper
Our turnaround time is faster than any other vendor, as we use our in-house marketing database, which is ready to use.

If you’re already using WhitePaper syndication services, we can very possible provide incremental leads at a cost/ lead that’s economical with, or better than, your current package. Positively we’ll eliminate all the hassle.

Reach us for more information or call us at (866)993-9191

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