Technology changes much quicker than our laws and keeps up with. Yet there still need to be rules to protect our personally sensitive data from tests or over sharing. To reduce the confusion of possibly having conflicting data protection laws for each member of the European Union, the EU has passed the general data protection regulation or EU laws.

This is good news for citizens of the EU but may change the fashion how some organizations collect store and use customer data. Be aware of who and where you are collecting data from. So, all the companies who collect data or do data appending of citizens in European Union (EU) i.e., countries of Europe will have to comply with strict rules regarding data protection of their customers. Due to this reason General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR for short have been introduced. It is expected that GDPR will set a new standard of customer rights regarding their data protection. In the year 2016, April the GDRP was adapted by the Parliament of Europe by replacing an outdated data protection directive from the year 1995.

These EU laws will become enforceable in May 2018. Well, GDPR carries the previsions which demand the businesses to protect the privacy and personal data of their customers in EU for money transactions that occur within the European Union member states. The GDPR also controls the exportation of personal data outside EU. The European Union data compliance regulation will have far-reaching impact for many organizations all over the world.

  • Make an internal audit of the data you are currently using and storing. This will give you an idea of how much data you can actually keep. UPGRADE YOUR STORED DATA
  • Launch opt-in campaigns on your existing EU databases. Arrange your opt-in clauses giving special focus to GDPR. LAUNCH AN OPT-IN CAMPAIGN
  • Review your data collection funnel. Optimize each data processing stage in alignment to the new regulations. CONSULT OUR DATA EXPERTS


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