To target any key account effectively, you must have a comprehensive picture of that organisation – the business they are in, key decision makers, and processes. STAT BI use In-house database, internet, e-marketing, content marketing, social marketing ,pipeline nurturingand telephone based research to give you all the information you need to decide on which of these meet your target profile.

STAT BI Team will then present this information in a comprehensive report for follow up either by your own sales team or into our lead generation process for pipeline building, nurturing and appointment setting.

Process we follow for Business Development(ADD PICTURES)

Understanding the client’s business
Briefing & Discovery Meeting
No scripts – The next stage is to draw up the calling guide (no scripts at STAT BI). This is then sent to the client for approval/amendment.
Your detailed daily report and on-going client communication
Campaign Review

The effort is always on finding the right leads, but the key difference is how you get there.

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